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  • “The Catastrophe!”
    I saw the hazes quivering,Until the horizon,Soliciting the great humanity,To put a halt and glance as to,What prompted them to be static,Not moving further or pouring in edict? It seems as if it’s the stillness before the surge,Like the orifice of a squall,Yet likewise, there’s the sunshine,Scattering away all the skepticism,But will that last forContinue reading ““The Catastrophe!””
  • “The Society!!”
    Society, Glaze on the pitcher in the niches;Orbs with eternal horizons;Adherence of assaults and carnages;Terrorism of moralities and politics;Yet, handshakes for treaties with hybrid norms!! Society, Bridge to privileges, statutes, and protocols;Carved with the jewels of vicious hypocrites;Where evidence is thrown in the wastelands like an oasis;Here, thy fables are a lump of plastics;Yet, darkContinue reading ““The Society!!””
  • “I’LL RISE!”
    You can jerk me downTo cast me into a clown;Still, you can’t make me seize,’cause withstanding all the prospects, I’ll rise! You can loathe me for anythingAnd you can still be defrauding meBy attempting to adore me at the exact time,Yet anticipating you, I’ll rise! I know I’ll be put solitary,By the ones whom IContinue reading ““I’LL RISE!””
  • “A Pool of Fools!”
    {The World’s Reality Check!} • A quatrain cum tongue twister by me! @sayasunshine0704 The world a pool full of fools, Where the fool hooks the fools, But only an astute can escape the pool of fools, Yet to be termed as a ‘fool‘ by the fools in the pool full of fools! ©Richa Patel!
  • “If my Life was a Song!!”
    If my life was a song, It would be a melodious one, With a marvelous combination of awful and optimistic lyrics within it! Portraying my toils and feats, With its everlasting harmonious melody executed by the Almighty’s fingers! While I dance away at my pace with the Steps always ahead of me in the wrenchesContinue reading ““If my Life was a Song!!””
  • “The Unstoppable!!”
    Not everyone sees her vision, Nor does everyone support her decisions, But that doesn’t stop her from achieving her potential! Instead, she uses these experiences as opportunities to grow; All the ‘no’s and ‘you can’t do this’ simply fuel her soul with motivation! She’ll forever be the rule breaker – The one who strives forContinue reading ““The Unstoppable!!””
  • “The Aspects of Me!”
    The child in me Always tries to create troubles Always tries to shirk responsibilities Always tries to search for the lost childhood In nostalgia and memories of those innocent times Loving all living things, irrespective of their beings The child in me tries to be truthful and honest Letting out emotions on my mobile face!Continue reading ““The Aspects of Me!””
  • “The Character Certificate!”
    I Don’t Want To Be Great ; I Never Wanted The Fame ; We Treat Equal Everyone ; It’s A Tradition Of From Where I Came!! I Don’t Want To Be Above All ; I Just Want You To Remember My Name ; My Dad Told Me If You Be Respectful ; Then I WillContinue reading ““The Character Certificate!””
  • “The Harsh Truth!”
    Life – a book tagged as strugglers’ dreams, Unworthy to the dark creams…! Not a bed of roses to the sole being, That deems to be a sweetmeat for the ferocious kings! Life ain’t lenient to the laborers’ ménage, But kinda most merciful to the cruel savage! It gets crooked for the honest creatures, AndContinue reading ““The Harsh Truth!””

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